When to Plant Poppy Seeds?

Poppys are often grown because of their beautiful colored heads. They don´t need a lot of attention or care to thrive, so they are grown in a lot of gardens all over the world. The only important thing, that you have to take into account is when to plant them! So when to plant Poppy … Read more

When to Plant Daffodils?

The Daffodil species and cultivars have a huge range of hardiness zones. There are specific growing tips for each region in the US. So depending on your location the right time to plant daffodils can vary a lot. So when to plant daffodils? In short, the best time to plant daffodil bulbs is in the … Read more

When to Plant Roses?

Knowing the best time to plant roses is very important to any landscaper, however when it comes to planting roses many people have different beliefs. Most people, considering different climates in different parts of the globe, usually plant roses from early spring to early fall. However, roses are most likely to grow best if they … Read more

Can You Plant Daffodils in the Spring?

Daffodils are beautiful flowers and contrary to other plants daffodils should be planted quite early in the year. A lot of people are wondering if they can plant daffodils later. So in this article, I will answer the question in short and then I will go more into the detail when and why to plant … Read more