When to Plant Roses?

Knowing the best time to plant roses is very important to any landscaper, however when it comes to planting roses many people have different beliefs.

Most people, considering different climates in different parts of the globe, usually plant roses from early spring to early fall. However, roses are most likely to grow best if they are planted during spring or early summer. Planting roses during spring or early summer gives them enough time to establish their roots before winter.

The majority of landscapers wait until May, what most people don’t know is that February is also a great time to start planting roses. Waiting until May is not always a good idea because your roses will have limited time for proper development before it gets hot during summer.

Do not plant roses after the first weeks of early fall, there won’t be enough time for the proper development of the roots. You may want to resist the urge to plant roses that are already blooming simply because the roots have to adapt to the new environment, which can be straining to them.

What to Do If it is Not Yet Planting Time?

Finding yourself in the situation that you cannot plant your roses right away due to bad timing does not mean you have to let your plants die.

All you have to do is ensure that you prevent their roots from drying. You can prevent the roots from drying by keeping them in a packaging material that is moist and is stored in a cool place until they are ready for planting.

What is the Best Soil For Roses?

Rose is one of the most accommodating of all plants and can be grown in varieties of soils. They love deeply worked soil, well-drained particularly in the rainy season and yet will be retentive of moisture during summer and dry season.

Roses do not like dry and sandy soil, because it becomes hot during summer. They prefer to be cool both below and above the ground. If such conditions cannot be provided, the plant neither is long-lived nor will they bloom right. Roses cannot withstand waterlogging even for a short duration. The soil should be well-drained or easily drained by using tiles and ditches.

Rose roots penetrate only as deep as the soil is suitable to them; hence, a fertile layer of surface soil of adequate depth is to be maintained. Rose plants grow well in good fertile soil. They can, however, be grown in all types of soil with proper drainage facilities. Well-drained medium loamy soil having adequate organic matter is ideal.


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