The Fastest Growing Cacti in the World

Cacti are generally very slow-growing. It takes time for the cactus to build its large stems and in nature, they adapted to play the long game. SO they will grow slowly but steadily but for multiple years without wasting too many precious resources like water. Most other plants are growing because they have a lot … Read more

Why Cacti Need So Much Less Water Than Other Plants

Cacti are known to be very resilient. They can survive in harsh environments like deserts or my cousin’s room without receiving any water for multiple years. But how are they able to live that long without the need of any or just very little water? In this article, I will explain exactly that and more. … Read more

Why Do Cacti Have Flowers And Does Every Cactus Bloom

When I first got asked this question I was a little confused because it was completely normal for me that cacti bloom. So I started to dig deeper and eventually I started understanding why some people are a little confused and rightfully ask why cacti even produce flowers. Cacti have flowers because, like every living … Read more

Why Cacti Don´t Have Leaves

Cacti are one of the most interesting plants in the world, in my opinion. They are certainly one of the most unusual plants, that we know of. They grow without any leaves but still do Photosynthesis but in a different way than other plants, they grow in parts of the world where almost no other … Read more

Why Does My Cactus Have White Stuff On It?

In a fast-paced modern world, succulents give busy homeowners the chance to raise houseplants for less. These low maintenance species require less care, less water and less precision than most other plant varieties. Whether cactus or bromeliad, a succulent is an attractive addition to a home that comes with minimal responsibility. Yet, that doesn’t mean … Read more

How to Grow a Cactus Indoors in a Pot.

Because cacti all have similar qualities, there’s not much difference in their needs. These plants are easy to care for, and don’t require any serious maintenance. When potting or growing your cactus, there are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind. These plants are not typical houseplants, so there are a few … Read more