Can Strawberries Grow in Shade? These Varients can!

I think everyone at one point wanted to have his or her own strawberries growing at homes. Just because it is awesome to have your very own supply of fresh strawberries right there all the time. But you may be struggling to find a place in your home or in your garden, where the Strawberry plant is getting enough sun. And that leads us to the question.

Can Strawberries grow in shade? Absolutely yes, some variants of strawberries can grow in shade but only in partial shade. So at least for a few hours a day they will need some sunlight.

The best thing about not exposing them to excessive sunlight is that the leaves remain succulent at times. The strawberries will not dry up as much and as fast as plants, that are in direct sunlight for 8 to 10 hours a day.

So you don´t have to water them as much as other plants, that are in direct sunlight for most of the day. To get the right amount of water, you can use drip irrigation or soaker hoses to spray them.

In addition to that, they will actually taste better if they don´t grow in direct sunlight. They also won´t taste bitter or sour.

If you need sweet strawberries, you should definitely grow them in partial shade.

The amount of fruits, that are being produced by a strawberry plant, that is growing in shade is pretty much the same as if it was growing in the sun.

What variety of Strawberries can grow in shade?

There is one prominent variety called the Alpine strawberries. The major type is Alexandria which is the best if you want to grow strawberries in shade.

They thrive in partially shady conditions, especially in summer. The species is resilient and can thrive in shade very well, unlike other strawberry types. It, however, lacks runners.

As the name suggests, it has its roots in the Alps. It was discovered there about 300 years ago and to date, they are found in the woods of Africa, Europe, Northern Asia, North and Southern America.

Advantages of the Alpine (Alexandria) strawberries

They are small in size which makes them an optimal plant to grow indoors in containers.

Alpine strawberries do not overgrow past their normal height. They don’t shed their leaves every time and therefore they do not very labor intensive..

The strawberries produce more than enough fruits. Even though they are small, the harvest will be plenty. .

They are easy to care for and therefore, you don’t have to spend a fortune buying herbicides and pesticides.

You only have to fertilize the plant. This will spur growth and the outcome will be a gorgeous plant with a substantial amount of fruits.

Alpine strawberries can withstand harsh weather conditions. They can blossom in late fall until autumn.

Even in colder climates they can still flourish and remain healthy. The best part is that they will not wither and lose their leaves at any time.

Since they have matured in a shady condition, you can expect them to be fleshy and pulpy.

How to care for the strawberries when you grow them in shade

Alpine strawberries require minimal care but, you still have to care for them if you want them to grow well and carry fruits.

Strawberries are cross-pollinators, so will need multiple plants in proximity if you want them to carry fruits. Planting them close to each other is the best approach to ensure that they pollinate each other.

The plants require quite some space to breathe and grow in a healthy way.

Partial shade means, they will still need at least some sunlight. Strawberries can´t grow in full shade they need some sunlight or they won´t be able to grow any fruits.

You should also be careful, that the sun is not too intense. If the leafs of your strawberry plant are getting yellowish then you either haven´t watered them enough or they are being burned by the sun.

It is also wise to mulch the roots so that the plant doesn’t dry up. The soil will retain its wetness due to the compost. It will also be cool to supply water to the top-class plant.

Caring for them involves monitoring any signs of diseases. They are susceptible to them since they are in the shade.

Bottom line

Subsequently, the Alpine strawberries are the best to grow in the shade.

They will bear a lot of fruits and the strawberries are very tasty as well.

You will almost always have healthy-looking plants with fresh fruits hanging on them with little to no work involved. So there is nothing stopping you in growing some tasty strawberries!


I enjoy all things outdoors and I love plants! I've never considered myself to be one with a green thumb, but it's my mission to learn, so I figured I would bring you along for the ride. :) Happy planting!

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