What are the Benefits of Container Gardening?

You probably heard about container gardening and now you are curious and you are thinking about starting a container garden yourself! But maybe you are still a little hesitant if you really should start one. So to ease your concerns I will tell you the top 10 benefits of container gardening in my opinion!

So what are the Benefits of container gardening? To make it short, here are the benefits in one quick look. A container garden is easy to start, it can be moved, you can manage your space, it saves water, less labor-intensive, you don´t have to worry about bad weather, Indoor gardening, easy to fertilize, Plants are protected, Ideal for beginners, easy harvesting.

Easy to Start

It’s not necessary to go through all the physical body straining steps of tilling your garden, creating raised beds, or removing old crops to get ready to plant.

You go and purchase your required containers, compost, and quality potting soils and start planting.

You can now place the seedlings or plants in the container, water it, and you already have your container garden.

Convenience of Movement

It’s convenient when you’re able to move your containerized plants anyhow you like. The need to move your plants can get attributed to many factors.

You may move the containers to get the seedlings or plants exposed to sunlight

The watering point is a determinant for the movement as you want the plants to get near it.

You can move the containers to change ground or get them indoors for security

There’re special events that demand you display your potted plants

The ability to move the plants around is a significant benefit as compared to the act of uprooting and finding another spot as happens with ground gardening.

It Eliminates Space Limitation

If you’re gardening on the ground, you will only plant your seeds or plant seedlings in the soil. It means you get limited to the ground area with soil alone.

When it comes to container gardening, you have all the freedom of placing your containers anywhere you like. Might it be on the balcony, stairs, floor, rooftops, and window ledges, space is limitless.

You have containers with all shapes and sizes. It’s possible to use small sized tins, clay pots, and large tanks.

That way you get to grow a single plant in a tin and even many different ones in the large containers.

You can place these containers in rows and columns and also use several layers as you go up. Any method used leads to saving space.

Container Gardening Saves Water

If you compare the water used by ground gardening vs. container gardening, you will notice a big difference.

The ground method comes with a lot of water loss. If showering a ground garden, water will spread even to areas where it isn’t required.

The ground will also absorb large quantities, and evaporation will chunk out the rest.

Using containers for your gardening ensures more economized water usage. You only need to put the right amount of water in the container.

It doesn’t spread to the surrounding areas, evaporate, or get absorbed. Thus, you can say container gardening saves water

It’s Less Labor Intensive

The saying is that ‘container gardening is for the elderly and disabled.’ The facts of the matter tell us the statement can be true.

When you do ground gardening, you need to start with the back-breaking tilling process. That’s made worse by the fact that you disturb the natural organisms found in the soil by tilling. That way, you affect the health status of your garden.

Container gardening removes all that stressful work. Especially where you have a water system in place, labor becomes minimal.

You don’t have to worry about amending the soil, tilling, and watering, making your life easy.

Not Bound By Weather Patterns

Sometimes you may find that ground gardening goes along with weather patterns. That’s when you have planting and harvesting seasons.

The season’s times will vary depending on your locality. In the tropics, planting starts at the beginning of the rains or rainy season.

The temperate regions base their planting with the start of the winter season.

When you use containers for your gardening all that changes. You can start planting any time as long as you put in the right growing conditions.

That includes watering and covering containers to form a sort of greenhouse

Economize on Fertilizers

Your potted plants and seedlings don’t need the constant application of fertilizers. That may get attributed to the fact that fertilizer applied to your containerized plants doesn’t get lost.

It’s concentrated in the small amount of soil in the container without getting shared by other competing plants.

Also, the limitation should get applied to fertilizer application in potted plants as it may cause roots burning.

Allows for Indoor Gardening

For allergic and physically disabled people, this may provide the best opportunity of doing gardening indoors.

Many types of crops can be grown indoors if the right growth conditions get provided.

Customized lighting can get availed to enhance the growth of some fruits and plants indoors. You can also use the light going through windows or transparent roofing sheets to make your plants grow.

Better Plants Protection

Containers are just great in keeping the plants away from pests’ attacks. You even don’t need to use spraying chemicals than you would for ground gardening.

You have all the access to your plants and can move it away, or chase the pests away. You can also target the breeding insects for removal with a cotton bud with alcohol.

It’s Ideal for Starters

Starters may find starting their gardening on the ground getting difficult.

You’re required to weed and then put into the soil your seeds or plants. It not prepared meticulously you will find your garden getting disorganized, resulting in low output.

The bad results can make the newbie discouraged in a big way. Container gardening, on the other hand, will take you beyond space and time limitations.

Giving Concentrated Care

Unlike a ground garden where you deal with so many plants and seedlings, here you deal with individual items.

You can study the way they grow taking special care, like taking notes about them. You can note down plant or seedling performance to gain knowledge for future use.

Plants in containers can be the perfect home display item used during events or to enlighten your living room.

That kind of gardening suits people of all walks of life. People with disabilities benefit a lot from this kind of gardening.

Easy Harvesting

Containerized gardening surely gives you the best results when it gets to harvesting. You have grown all kinds of plants, seedlings, and root tubers.

There’s no stress as can invert the container to drop the harvest without causing any damages as you would get with ground gardening.

Gives Impressive and Beautiful Results

Your outer garden flourishing with containerized plants doesn’t only meaning plenty of fruits and vegetables.

That kind of garden can generate the much-desired curb appeal for your property. Anyone visiting or passing by will be impressed with those lovely looking flowers and plants.

You see beauty as a whole.


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