Does Oregano Come Back Every Year?

Oregano is one of my favorite culinary herbs. I had it at home in pots since my years as a student and ever since I have a own garden multiple oregano plants are growing happily there. Oregano is easy to grow and to care for. As long as you water it regularly, that is. One … Read more

How Deep Do Bamboo Roots Grow

Bamboo is a really beautiful plant to have in your garden, however, bamboo also spreads like crazy if it is not controlled. So the question of how deep bamboo roots actually grow is one, that will eventually pop up if you have bamboo in your garden. Either because you want to get rid of it … Read more

How Long Does a Kale Plant Live?

Kale is a Cold-hardy and very resilient plant. It is a member of the cabbage family and one of the easier plants to grow. You can plant new kale as early as spring. But once you planted it one question pops up a lot. And that is how many years will my kale plant come … Read more

When to Plant Onions?

Onions are a cold-season crop that is quite hardy and therefore easy to grow. But when should you plant them and should you raise them indoors and transfer them outside later or can you plant them outside right away? Here are the best practices to get a successful and bountiful onion harvest! So when to … Read more

Can Plants Grow Without Sunlight?

A given fact that all gardeners, growers, farmers, and general green thumbs know is that plants need a few things in order to grow and survive. Water, a proper medium (usually soil), and sunlight. Without any one of these legs to the growing tripod, a plant simply can’t flourish. But is this totally true? Is … Read more

When to Plant Poppy Seeds?

Poppys are often grown because of their beautiful colored heads. They don´t need a lot of attention or care to thrive, so they are grown in a lot of gardens all over the world. The only important thing, that you have to take into account is when to plant them! So when to plant Poppy … Read more

When to Plant Kale?

If you are interested in growing kale, below you can find out when to plant these amazing vegetables. Planting on your own is a lot healthier than buying kale in the market. It is more durable than cabbage and can withstand high temperatures and drought, just like low temperatures and frost. This makes it ideal … Read more