Can Dill Be Planted in the Fall

Dill is a great herb for cooking and garnishing. It goes especially well with meat and fish and it is fairly easy to grow. In this article, I will go over when to plant dill and especially if Dill can be planted in the fall or if you should plant it in the fall. So … Read more

How To Successfully Grow Dill From Cuttings

Dill is an amazing herb for multiple reasons. It can be used for cooking, garnishing, and more. You can grow it easily from seed and it will actually grow quite fast. But if you regularly prune your Dill plant then chances are that it never or only rarely blooms. So you will most likely either … Read more

Why Your Blueberry Bush Didn´t Bloom

Blueberry bushes are known to be quite difficult to please sometimes. And believe me when I say it can be quite frustrating when you have a healthy-looking bushy blueberry plant that just won’t start flowering. I had three blueberry bushes in my previous garden and I followed every bit of advice out there to get … Read more

What Insects are Being Attracted By Raspberry Plants?

I personally don´t know anyone who doesn´t like Raspberries which is why it isn´t surprising that Raspberry Plants are often visited and plundered by animals and insects alike. This is also why a lot of new gardeners often hesitate to plant a Raspberry bush in their garden because they think that this would attract insects … Read more