When to Plant Onions?

Onions are a cold-season crop that is quite hardy and therefore easy to grow. But when should you plant them and should you raise them indoors and transfer them outside later or can you plant them outside right away? Here are the best practices to get a successful and bountiful onion harvest! So when to … Read more

Can Plants Grow Without Sunlight?

A given fact that all gardeners, growers, farmers, and general green thumbs know is that plants need a few things in order to grow and survive. Water, a proper medium (usually soil), and sunlight. Without any one of these legs to the growing tripod, a plant simply can’t flourish. But is this totally true? Is … Read more

Why Does My Cactus Have White Stuff On It?

In a fast-paced modern world, succulents give busy homeowners the chance to raise houseplants for less. These low maintenance species require less care, less water and less precision than most other plant varieties. Whether cactus or bromeliad, a succulent is an attractive addition to a home that comes with minimal responsibility. Yet, that doesn’t mean … Read more

Can Indoor Plants Cool a Room?

Indoor plants have a lot of useful properties, especially to their surroundings. They purify the air in the room and they can make any room look more vivid and alive for instance. But one question, that always comes up is if plants can also cool down the room they are in. So Can Indoor Plants … Read more